Hiking Trails
In the Schroon Lake Vicinity
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We are avid hikers and have numerous trail maps and guide books on the trails
in the Schroon Lake, High Peaks and other surrounding areas.
There are so many mountains and trails, that it would be difficult to list them all here.

We will gladly assist you in planning a detailed hike that fits your desired terrain, length of
distance and level of difficulty.  We can also provide you with copies of the  maps for you to
take out on the trail with you.
Peaked Hill Trail at Paradox Lake - Paddle & Hike Trip
The trail head to Peaked Hill is only accessible by watercraft, blue trail markers leave the north shore of Lake
by Legoys Bay across from the Public Campground.  This 2.2 mile trail travels one mile north up to Peaked
Hill Pond, travel around west end of pond going north into a raven to top of Peaked Hill.  Very nice views of
the pond and surrounding areas, fish for small mouth bass and yellow perch in pond.

Adirondack Park Statistics

* Consists of 6 Million Acres – larger than Yosemite, Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon,
The Great Smokey Mts and the Everglades
*  8,000 Square Miles of mountains – for hiking and climbing.    *   Over 2,000 high peak mountains.
*  There are over 40 mountains with elevation over 4,000 feet.
*   Mount Marcy is highest peak in New York, standing at 5,344 feet.

*   2,000 miles of hiking trails – great diversity of level, terrain and experience.
*  Wildlife – over 220 birds, 30 species of reptiles and 50 species of animals
- Black bear, white tail deer, loons, bald eagle, coyotes, bob cats, and beaver to name a few.
*  66 types of fish – including lake & river trout, pike, land locked salmon
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Pharaoh Lake Wilderness
Hiking, Fishing, Canoeing or Kayaking, Cross Country Skiing, and  Snow Shoeing

45,883 Acres, 62 miles of trails - 39 bodies of water totaling 1,100 acres of water.
Includes Pharaoh Lake, Crane, Goose and North Ponds.  
Said to be one of the most appealing wilderness areas in the Adirondacks.
Pharaoh Mt offers a nice climb and views of the High Peaks and Vermont's Green Mountains.
Peaceful and picturesque hiking and fishing at the numerous ponds and streams.

Hoffman Notch Wilderness
Located 1/2 mile from the Inn
Hiking, Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Cross Country Skiing, and  Snow Shoeing.

36,231 Acres, 30 miles of trails - 8 bodies of water 156 acres total.  Hoffman Mt Elev. 3,715.  This area is very
mountainous and rugged, with 3 ridges exceeding 3,000 feet. It offers Hiking to the top of Mt. Severance, Skiing
through Hoffman Notch, Fishing in Bailey and Rogers Ponds.  Canoing on Cheney Pond or Hunting throughout
designated areas.

Hammond Pond Wild Forest
Located north of village in North Hudson
Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Cross Country Skiing, and  Snow Shoeing

A little smaller than Pharaoh Lake area.  Owl Pate and Hail Mts offer great views.  
Many ponds offer scenic fishing and numerous hiking trails.
New off road, groomed mountain biking trails, for numerous abilities.

Dix Mountain Wilderness
Located north of village in North Hudson
Hiking, Fishing, Cross Country Skiing, and  Snow Shoeing

45,208 Acres, 36.5 miles of trails - 12 bodies of water for a total of 92 acres.
Dix Mt-Elev 4,857, McComb Mt-Elev 4,405, Dial Mt-4,020.  Very rugged mountainous terrain, no marked trails
leading to South & East Dix, Hough and McComb . For experienced hikers mostly bushwhacking goes on.
On Northwest side of area there is a maintained trail system to the peaks of Round Top, Noonmark, Bear Den, Dial,
Nippletop, Colvin, Blake and Pinnacle.

High Peaks Wilderness
South Section reachable from Newcomb
North Section accessable through Keane
Hiking, Fishing, Cross Country Skiing, and  Snow Shoeing

192,685 Acres, 238.5 miles of trails - 112 bodies of water total of 1,392 acres of water.
Mt. Marcy (tallest in NY)-Elev 5,344, Algonquin Peak-Elev 5,114.  Largest area in the entire park,
with the largest concentration of Peaks and people.  Numerous maintained trails and peaks with great view exist.  
Also many brooks offer scenic waterfalls and trout fishing.
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