History of the Inn
We recently discovered the history of this  farmhouse and even though it has  undergone many changes in recent times, the Inn has a
long lodging history and has stayed very much the same.    This summer we met a wonderfully charming woman, Frances Bogle whose
great grandfather built the homestead which her family operated until 1976 (an amazing 95 years of hosting what would be known as a
Bed & Breakfast today).   Frances who is a very vibrant 92 years young, provided us with extensive history, valuable memories and
wonderful pictures (these will be on display to share with all)!

The original homestead was built in 1881, by Captain William Lycett.  William  was a Captain in the Civil War and purchased the
property with his muster from the war.   It was run as a lodging house, called Spring Valley Farms for many years.  From 1910 – 1927 it
was leased to a boy’s camp called Camp Mondawmin.  Then later to the Cambridge Tutoring School for rich boys.
Fran’s grandparents and parents ran it as Lycett’s Rooms & Cottages and would be considered a Bed & Breakfast today.  Fran and
her 2 sisters grew up and went to school in Schroon Lake.

Our current day office, was the family kitchen – the family slept above the kitchen during peak season.   The den, diningroom and living
room are the same.  In the main house section, there were 5 bedrooms and 1 bathroom upstairs.  The original porch wrapped around the
entire front of the house with the steps coming up at the 45 degree section.  There was also a porch off the North wing sliding doors.  
The railings were a hand made box pattern, with spoke spandrels along the entire top, including the office section.  The North Wing
was added as a grandmothers’ suite and  had a living room & kitchen downstairs and 2 bedrooms upstairs.  During the winters Fran’s
family lived in this section.   

Frances Lycett married William Bogle in 1952, they had no children.  Bill owned the Gulf station (were Stewarts is now) and Frances
was the  Schroon Lake telephone operator, connecting every call that came in until 1965.  And like us today, they kept a boat over at
the dock,  which also extended out 120 feet to keep the boat afloat.  
In 1953 they built the 6 motel units.  They boasted green porches, red planter boxes with white petunias & red geraniums.  Around
1978, Guyer combined the rooms creating the  existing 3 one-bedroom cottages.  They went pretty much unchanged  until we
purchased the property in July 2003 - and they have since had a complete overhaul.
There were also 3 housekeeping cottages rented up in the back section of the yard (circa the Northway).  Two of them have
collapsed, the 3rd is the current garage.  A large barn, used as a garage was at the top of the stone stairs up on the hill, the same exact
location we will be constructing a barn/workshop next spring.

Fran was widowed in the early 1970's and was finding it difficult to run the place on her own, so in 1976 she sold the property to
George Guyer .  From 1976 to 1993 the Guyer family owned the property and made numerous changes and conversions.  Mr. Guyer
was an industrious sort and we have been entertained by stories of donuts being made in the kitchen and distributed around the area, a
pool being erected in the den, a Beauty Parlor and also a Real Estate Office on site.

During the mid-1990's the homestead had been operated briefly as Bob & Peg's Lakeview Efficiencies, but for the most part was
converted over to year round apartments.   The building had been vacant in recent years.
Bob and Patti purchased the Inn, in July of 2003.  Bob had just returned home from the war in Iraq and we were looking to
create a new direction for our future.  
~ Current Renovations ~ 2015~
* Finishing the final room, a Hotel  unit over the office.
* We are now 100% Renovated!
* What began in 2004 with three efficiency units has grown to:
4 -  Efficiency Units (all newly remodeled again in 2014)
4 -   Inn/Hotel Style Botique rooms, most with Jaccuzi's & Fireplaces
3 -  Detached Cabins built in 2009
1 - Hotel Style Room, private entrance
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